Learn How Bricks Are Made – Interstate Moving Company

The shale is a lightweight stone that is able to be broken in layers, forming bricks. A period of two years is required for exposure to the elements. The bleaching process allows it to be processed at the plant. Screens are used to separate the shale, which needs further grinding. The process of a compound transforms the shale into powder. The shale that is gray can be fired and will turn into the red brick. The mix will change to its new shade if the mixture is covered with sand. The bricks are then thrown together to be cut into pieces by the huge blade. Each brick has a unique number of 23. It is the next step to stack the bricks. The machine is first able to separate them. The bricks can then be grasped by inflating bags, and later raised. After this, they are elevated. In the meantime, all of liquid in the bricks is getting ready to evaporate. The dryer is heated by the kiln. The kiln can be described as a large oven. In this video, you will see how bricks are made. Watch this video to get more information and how to find out more about the process. kh296selpv.

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