Mapping The Difference Between Landlord and Renters Insurance – Home insurance Ratings

It’s a topic that landlords and tenants alike frequently inquire about.

This video will discuss the differences between landlord and renter insurance.

It’s essential to know that these are two different concepts. The landlord owns the insurance, while the tenant must have their own insurance. This is because the landlord insurance is only meant to protect the landlord. If there is damage to the house caused by the tenant it’s the responsibility of the landlord to repair the damage.

In reality, landlord insurance will sometimes cover some of the equipment and fixtures that are at a rental property. If you’re a renter and you are unsure of what’s covered by their policies, you should check in with your landlord to find out.

While there are many good reasons to invest in renters insurance one of them is in case of damage or loss of your items. Your insurance may cover replacing your possessions in case you’ve got home insurance. y6jvu6kihj.

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