How to Fix Most AC Units when They Only Blow Hot Air – The Interstate Moving Companies

If you awake on the hot and humid early in the summer, you don’t have to dial an HVAC technician as soon as you can. Try fixing your AC at home.

The video covers the essential elements in DIY AC repairs for the unit that isn’t in the process of blowing cold air. One of the first things recommended by the host is checking your breaker’s panel and everything else inside your electrical system that may be preventing your AC functioning. If it’s not something wrong in your AC unit, an HVAC repair tech won’t be able to help you.

Once you have determined the cause is due to the AC unit, you can go on to solving the problem specifically. For a check to make sure that the AC unit cools correctly make sure you check the thermostat. If you’re sure that it’s correctly set Then you’re able to check the AC compressor outside your home.

To switch off the fan, you can use an screwdriver. A HVAC contractor will be able help repair any part of the AC to ensure it is still working. 1osbkbrwf5.

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