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Consuming alcohol can lead you to have a bad hangover.

4. Pickles

In terms of foods bad for teeth enamel, lovers of pickles could be likely to be in for a surprise. Even though pickles are not typically considered to be the least harmful food enamel loss can result from acidic vinegar that is used in picking. By far, it is the acidity of these foods that makes certain foods harmful for enamel health.

They are not the best healthy food for teeth. But, they can be a good option if you’re well hydrated. Hydration aids in saliva production, which can help remove plant residues, sugars, and anything else that can get stuck to your teeth after eating. The particles need to be eliminated quickly to reduce the chance that bacteria will grow and cause tooth decay.

If you consume an apple, as in the case of soda, it is not recommended to immediately start brushing your teeth since the acid has temporary weakened the enamel, and the friction from your toothbrush may cause further wear. Before you begin brushing the teeth, you must wait at least 30 minutes.

5. Tomato Sauces

There’s been lime juice mentioned in Hispanic foods. Let’s now take a look some Italian most loved dishes. Since it is acidic the pasta sauces that are made from tomatoes are said to be one of the top foods to be consumed by enamel. If you’re seeing some pattern here, you’re right, acidity is enamel’s main enemy and, unfortunately, they can be found in a variety of popular foods. Pasta sauce made with tomatoes has a sharp flavor which is created by the acid in the tomatoes used to make it. Since tomatoes are an essential ingredient, many foods such as salsa, pizza sauce and ketchup also fall under the same category.

It’s not necessary to stop eating tomato-based sauces. Your luck is in your favor. Consuming water during meals can help wash away certain acids that is left behind, making it much more difficult for it to w gk6ov2nlmh.

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