Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real? – Rochester Magazine

Many wonder if they are true and worth the money. The video discusses this topic and explains how it is possible to purchase a lab-grown diamond. The lab-grown diamond is designed exactly in the same way as a natural one. They aren’t to be mistaken for Cubic Zirconia because they are completely authentic.
Cost is what makes the lab-grown diamond distinct from the natural diamond. An exquisite piece of jewelry made with a lab-grown diamond is an cost-saving alternative that can save you the equivalent of 10,000 dollars. This video should encourage you to keep researching regarding the best size and cut that is right for you. The lab-grown diamonds cannot be “graded” in the same manner and can’t be resold to the majority of jewelry stores at the moment However, the worth of selling an untreated diamond is approximately 50%, as per the video. Overall, the quality is indistinguishable from a natural diamond. The price is unbeatable.

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