What NOT to Do In Your Custody Battle –


First, it is important for those parents with the child to ensure that there is no barrier to another parent from having access to the child. The courts are going to look for those willing to build an understanding between the other parent and their child. Parents who are involved in refusing or depriving visiting rights has to provide a reason. The court may not approve when there isn’t a legitimate basis for the decision.

Another tip for people facing custody disputes is to stay clear of making claims that cannot be proven. Even if allegations are true it is essential to prove them and can show the court the evidence that they are.

Third, avoid referring to other parents with negative remarks to your children. It is a mistake that children make frequently. It is hurtful for children to learn the negative words of parents even though it may not be true. It can also create a situation where the parent telling the bad news look bad in the court’s judges, even if the person is completely true and not experiencing any turmoil at the time.

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