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This involves inserting a tiny scope that is specialized to the lock. Locksmiths can analyze the lock cylinders and cut new keys that match the specific properties of each lock by analysing the cylinders.

The car key cutter operates similarly and can make around an hourly rate of around $80 when duplicating keys. If the work is cutting, coding and programming a new key then the price will be far more expensive than. It is an extremely lucrative industry, and most people would like to be a key-cutter for their car.

A lot of drivers who need car key cutting service turn to auto locksmiths because prices are much lower as when compared with dealerships. This makes it all the more tempting to establish a business cutting keys.

Before you jump on the trend, make sure you have a few items to begin cutting keys effectively. The latest cars come with an anti-theft transponder key that stops the car from starting even if the key is not initial.

It is crucial to understand all aspects of the key-cutting process. Also, in this interview video from Combe Valley Campers, Richard from Brighton Car Keys explains the steps involved in professionally cutting and codifying new car keys.

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