Recharge Your Cars AC System – Your Oil

A service provider, you can do it yourself. completed if you follow these guidelines.

Tools needed for AC recharge

*Many Gauges
*Vacuum pump
*Safety Glasses

1. A majority of auto-ac businesses have the ability to connect the manifold gauge with the AC system. For starters, purchase your high-pressure gauge adaptor , and connect it to the high-pressure port on the AC system and the low-pressure adaptor for the low-pressure port of the AC system. Examine the gauge to see if it shows any signs of pressure. If not, proceed to step 2.

2. Connect your third manifold gauge adapter to the vacuum pump. Open the low and high-pressure gauges. Then, turn on your vacuum unit and open up the manifold valves after everything is connected.

Step 3: Shut off your vacuum pump and manifold valves once you’ve reached the 30 inch mark of mercury. After waiting around for an hour verify that the gauge in your manifold says you’ve reached 30 inches. Then proceed to the following step if the gauge is still around 30.

Step 4. Connect the refrigerant to the adapter to the manifold. after that, you can open the container to start purging the system using a fresh refrigerant. Once you’ve done that, power on your car and check if the system is cooling.

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