How To Use an Laminator – Customer Support Portal

. They can be a bit difficult to setup, though. Here we will demonstrate how to use and set up an industrial laminater.

A four-roller laminator is used to laminate huge quantities of documents quickly. The laminator can laminate 33 inches of paper every minute. It seals the laminate with up to 10mm thickness to ensure a high-quality protection.

The plugging of your laminater is the initial step. The process is as simple as that! The next thing to do is find out the thickness of the lamination you’ll be using , then setting the temperature dial to the right temperature. This information can be seen in the table of the machine.

Put the paper you want to laminate in the pouch that you laminated, and put the pouch into the cardboard container. The cardboard carrier should be used each time laminate is done. The button for ready-run will light up once the laminator has been turned on. Set the piece in lengthwise and then let it go through.

For further information about Laminators and the supplies needed to laminate, follow the link or view the video below. Laminators are the ideal solution for your professional documenting needs.


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