Proper Garage Door Maintenance – Awkward Family Photos

You have a used appliance in your house. It is opened and closed everyday! Regular garage door maintenance is vital to maintain your garage doors in top condition. Here are some excellent ways to maintain the door of your garage in top form.

If it’s possible, do a maintenance visit every month. It’s essential to check the owners manual for your car so that you’re not in unsafe conditions.

One thing you can easily determine is the balance of your door. Close the door and remove your carriage from the belt or chain by pulling the red cord that hangs from the top of the structure. When you are done, raise the door to the half point and let it fall. If the door remains wide at the halfway mark, you have a good equilibrium. Balance will be difficult to be preserved if the door closes completely or completely shuts.

Next, grab a two-by-four and put it on the place where the garage door closes. Close the door and see whether it reverses when it touches the two-by-four. If it doesn’t, the down force must be adjusted on the opener.

Watch this video to get more information about garage door maintenance.


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