What are the Different Types of Window Shades? – Cost of College Education

Shades, or window treatments help give it a better look. One type of window treatments is shade. The article below will cover window shades that could be installed in your house in this post.

Roman shades will be our first choice of shade. Roman shades can be identified by the folds that are evenly stacked on them. Roman shades can be found in a variety of styles. They aren’t fond of moisture, so keep them out of bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Another alternative is using roller shades. As the names suggest, can be put together neatly on tubes that are placed on top. They are an innovative alternativeto consider when you are looking to keep it contemporary.

Solar shades are the final shade that we’ll look at. The solar shade has a similar design to roll shades, but does better at block sunlight. Also, it helps to cut down the light reflection from our electronic devices.


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