Tornado Throws Pickup Truck Todays Entertainment News

They are known for their powerful, destructive nature. They are able to easily tear off shingles and paneling from homes. At times, they’ll lift the entire structure hundreds of feet high into the air. This video shows a pickup truck full-size that is lifted up and spinning high in the air, as if it was weightless.

The film begins with two storm chasers barreling towards a tornado off to their right. The tornado is getting closer. They are near enough that the driver raises concerns. They’re at risk. However, the storm continues to distance itself from them as they chase it. This is dangerous because tornadoes are capable of modify their direction at any moment.

In the case of small towns, the tornado’s path of destruction goes on. It hurled debris as well as pieces of roofs hundreds of yards in the air. The person will need the roof replaced. The storm chasers are amazed to witness the tornado throw a pickup truck into the air.


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