The Basics of Oil Refinery – Online College Magazine

through distillation. The oil is heated until it vaporizes before being distilled inside the chamber. The trays are stacked to collect the liquids and separate them by the weight. A lot of heavy oil gets moved down to the bottom, while lighter gasoline being moved up toward the top.

The next step is cracking. This breaks down long strings of carbon and hydrogen that are found in heavy oil. It makes it more usable. Reforming is the process of altering the shape and function of molecules contained in a fluid known as naptha. This makes it usable like gasoline.

Another process is called “blending”. To create different degrees of oxidized gasoline, gasoline can be blended with various chemicals. That’s the reason why you will find several kinds of gasoline in the gas station. These are gasolines designed to work with particular engines.

Treatment is used to create better gasoline. This protects the environment as well as our own health. It eliminates sulfur, and turns the compound into fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals. For more information take a look at this video below.


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