What Happens When You Get Invisalign – Life Cover Guide

Isalign, but you aren’t sure the best way to proceed? Do you feel like you’re still not sure about your future? This video will demonstrate exactly what to look forward to from your very initial Invisalign appointment. This video will take you through the entire process as well as the procedure to ensure you’re not worried and walk to your appointment full of the confidence.

During the consultation appointment You will be able to learn more regarding your specific treatment. There is the chance to discuss any issues you might have, and receive all the answers that you need. When the time comes to receive your attachments this video will walk you through the steps that take place. After cleaning your teeth you will rinse them and then apply the primer. The aligners will then be fitted and finally the curing light is employed on the aligners. When aligners are removed and you can see the attachments remain on the teeth but are nearly invisible. The patient will receive instructions for you to follow immediately following your appointment.


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