The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Insurance – The Employer Store

eo “Business insurance: A Short and Easy Overview” has all the details to help you begin your entrepreneurship from the beginning. Let’s find out more!

This video can be used to understand your insurance policy, whether you’re an aspiring proprietor or entrepreneur. You should be familiar with the following sections of the policy: liability, property, commercial auto, and worker’s compensation.

Liability coverage refers to the kind of insurance that covers what occurs to others as a result of your business. The policy could be accompanied by medical or legal coverage in the event of injuries suffered by customers within the premises. Insurance can pay compensation for anyone who slips on a slippery flooring. These situations have a maximum threshold. It’s typically $1,000,000 for any situation and up to $2,000,000 annually.

The coverage doesn’t cover sickness and injury due to the product you sell. If you sell food when someone becomes drunk and becomes drunk, the insurance won’t cover any repercussions.

For more information about insurance providers for commercial purposes, you can view the remainder of the video.


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