How Are Vinyl Banners Made? – Reference

and not costly. You can make a banner at home using this Youtube video “How to Make Banners Using Vinyl”. We’ll look into it!

The video shows how they made an trade-related vinyl banner with a Graphtec CE6000-60 vinyl cutter however any type works perfectly. The GreenStar 13oz gloss finish banner material was used. But, it doesn’t include grommets so these are added manually. You’ll need the hand-held device for grommets and the eyelets. The vinyl they showed is Oracal 651. Oracal 651. They also used the RTape clear AT75 to adhere the vinyl to the banner.

They measured and cut to size the fabric for the banner. Then , they positioned the eyelets in accordance with their requirements. Next, the vinyl was cut by the machine. The material must be inserted from the back. It is then time to start the cutter and watch it operate. It may take a while, depending on which type of banner you’ve chosen.

You can view the rest of the video to get more specifics about trade banners made of vinyl.


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