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Experiences (ACEs) provide a substantial impact on mental health in late adulthood Mental Health History: Students with the family or personal medical history of mental illness, are at higher risk of psychological health issues. Autism: It is a major risk factor for depression and poor social development . Consequences of poor mental Health of Students

There is a possibility that someone who has no obligations in life would get overwhelmed or anxious. But, the fact is that mental illness has no age. Although some diseases like dementia occur in older people other diseases are genetic that are seen in children as well as young adults. Students, for example, are affected by the effects. are more akin to the context. Here are a few examples of negative mental health effects on students.

Effect on Students Impact on the Student Inside Government, students with difficulties with mental health have less involvement. The student could have a lower concentration in schools, and consequently have difficulty understanding the concepts of difficulties with their mental health can experience sleep difficulties The student may notice a decline in their grades. student may lose vision of life and stop thinking about their future goals. students may experience a loss of energy and enthusiasm for exploring new things. On Others Health issues may affect work productivity as well as relationships with teachers, friends or school staff members, as well as loved ones can feel devastated when Student suicides. Parents as well as loved ones may be concerned about the student Impact on Larger Society The negative impact on society with students who drop out Mental illness costs employers $51 billion each annually. Some mental disorders like drug dependence could put other people in danger, for example. driving under the influence of mental illness can make students violent. 10 activities to improve mental health mcihlcjtbj.

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