Different Type of Roofs You Should Consider for Your Home –

Tab shingles are less quality. There are premium asphalt shingles, which appear similar to slate material. The most luxurious option is longest-lasting and offers an attractive curb-side appeal.
Slate roofing

The slate roofing style is an extremely popular option when it comes to the roof types you can set up. The type of roofing you choose is built from natural stone. It lasts for a long duration, as well as giving your home an ageless appearance. It can last for 100 years if properly maintained. Asphalt shingles cost more in comparison to slate roofing. In a home that is larger than 2500 square feet, you can expect to spend $20-30 for each square foot. This is approximately $40,000-$60,000. A further factor to consider is that slate is heavy and is an difficult job to install a slate roof. It may not be a good choice in older houses due to the weight of slate.

The roofing industry is well-versed with slate roofing due to their ability to withstand storms hot, strong winds, and storms. They also have the fire rating of Class A which means they are less vulnerable to fires or spreading flames. They are easy to maintain and won’t require any repairs. It’s available in an extensive variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, making it simple to blend into the current color scheme and the design of your home.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are another option to consider when considering the kinds of roofing options you can install in your home. The tiles made of clay are constructed by a mixture of clay and shale which is then molded, dried and cured in a kiln. Your home can get unique appearance by using this type of roof. The type of roof that you choose to use is popular due to its distinctness and strength. Clay tiles can be as costly as $15-25 for a square foot. The roof that covers 2,000 square feet can cost as high as $50,000. The tile has an orange color option that’s often used in Spanish architecture and might be unsuitable for your house. When properly put in the roof can last for about 100 years.


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