Tips for Moving to a New City After Divorce –

Moving to a new city after divorce If your children are concerned that getting away from their family, their school and family members will be too difficult it might be a good idea to take the time to properly prepare for a move. In the event that your children do agree to move however, they want to remain in the area, you might want to consider shifting to a different city not too far away from your original home. You need to get your children to support the decision you make, and you should also support their decision if they aren’t willing to move or feel uncomfortable to move.

2. 2. Plan for Relocation to Court

If one parent decides to move to another location and take the children along, it is called relocation in court. This could also happen if the move will impact the right of one parent to see their children or comply with order of the court regarding rights to visitation.

It’s important to talk to your divorce lawyer about moving and what you will need to be doing to prepare. They may give you advice for getting the court to let you move to a new place after divorce. You could show the court the following examples: you’re shifting to:

Don’t negatively affect the lives of the children
Will provide better stability
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