What Can Hermetic Seals Do? – Shop Smart Magazine

There are various types of hermetic seals that are used to protect electronic components. Glass-to-metal seals can safely bond pieces of glass to metallic parts. The result is the safest way for electricity to move through the air, but the seal also prevents contaminants like dust from entering the area to hinder the flow of electricity. The hermetic seal is present in all lightbulbs each throughout the day. The hermetic seal is secure because it can withstand high temperatures up to 100° C as well as low temperatures of 5 degrees C.

Ceramic-to-glass hermetic seals connect ceramic components to glass. Even though both materials may seem fragile, they have a very sturdy construction. This type of hermetic seal is safe for machinery that operates at high voltages of 3,000 volts. They’re ideal for places where temperatures are extreme or even cold. They are ideal for motors. They are also the most expensive type of hermetic seal.

Epoxy-to-glass is another type of hermetic seal. It connects epoxy glass. It’s utilized in electronic equipment but isn’t able to withstand severe temperature changes. These cables are mostly used to make coaxial cables. 287ocmgmd8.

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