What to Avoid in Water Heater Installation – Family Issues

Odel of a water heater, based on how much water you use and the area of your home.

During installation, fittings need to be soldered onto pipes. But you shouldn’t conduct this procedure if the pipes are already connected over your water heater. Solder the fittings directly on the floor or other surfaces far enough away from the heating source so that you don’t melt plastic fittings within the.

Add a discharge line on the relief valve to ensure proper safety measures. The discharge tube is designed to expel hot water when the pressure or temperature of the water that is in the heater exceeds. The heater must be placed in dishes at the base of the heater so that it can collect the hot water.

If you are installing an electric water heater, don’t switch off the power source to it until it’s fully full of water. The heating elements are designed to be immersed in water. They’ll be damaged if they’re not submerged in the water once they turn on.

Before turning on the heater, make sure that there’s not any air in the tank. Turn on the heater after you have achieved a steady stream of water.

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