Which Spark Plug Should You Choose for Your Mercedes Benz – Kredy Online

In terms of long-lasting vehicles Ed is the most reliable choice. However, to maintain the Mercedes running there are a few of components that must be changed. Spark plugs is one of these parts that should be replaced. They are used to spark combustion. What spark plug would be the best to use on an Mercedes Benz?

The Bosch double-platinum spark plug, in accordance with the narrator of the video , for V6 (6-cylinder), and V8 (8-cylinder Mercedes Benz cars with M272 or M273 engines , is the ideal choice. Why? It’s because it can offer car owners up to three times the lifespan of an ordinary spark plug. The Bosch double-platinum spark plug is able to be utilized as an original equipment part (OE) to Mercedes automobiles with M272 or M273 engines.

For those with Mercedes Benz four-cylinder cars, on the other hand should purchase their spark plugs at NGK Spark Plugs. They are the biggest manufacturer of spark plugs in the world. In addition, NGK spark plugs are OE (original equipment) parts for four-cylinder Mercedes Benz cars.


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