The Beginnings of Kelvix Lighting – Business Success Tips

This can enhance your life whether at work or at the home. This video explains the process by which Kelvix Lighting got started. The narration is by the chief of the company, Brent Newman.

Brent was asked to assist in the construction of a restaurant. That’s how the company began. He saw an amazing collection of lighting fixtures made of micro-LEDs in a wine cellar. Brent requested the package and was told by the contractor that the material had been recycled. Brent then went out towards the garbage bins and began to search through the trash cans. The box was made for LED lights. He did further research, discovered the manufacturer, went to themand had them make products specifically for the company. This was the beginning of Kelvix.

Brent affirms that the most important part of his business is his clients are not presented with anything similar to a product. Customers have to get used to something novel and expect to see it work. Kelvix’s engineers and designers help customers speed up this process so they know their products are reliable.


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